Sunday, 26 February 2012

I love You :)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

luv U hubb :)

luph u luv :)
Luv u hon :)

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Merapi oh Merapi

Dear my love,
Thanks for being friend of life,
be there brother
and great lover...

Love, Yours

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Penari Menangis di dalam hempasannya,
Siapa yang mengetahui ?, Tiada….,
Pasangan mata menikmati liukan,
terbuai atas decakan
Setiap sapuan , setiap usapan kuas sebuah petulangan,
seratus satu kisah impian.

Meski tak ada dasar yang menggenggam, semuanya dialaskan cinta yang dibisikkan di tengah malam. Ough...
Penerimaan sepenuhnya atas segala perbedaan, walaupun akhirnya…
Perjalanan harus usai, tapi kenangan takkan pernah habis sebagai bekal. Bukti abadi di kehidupan, bahwa cinta butuh pengorbanan.

* Lukisan penari – Spanish
• Inspiring by Le Mayeur and Ni pollok

Strom the Brain
Yap, that's what we need !
Of course brainstorming without stimulanthat make us addicted.
We need thing to be something, that’s why we need to storm our brain.Let me introduce the way, Find a good idea, looking for the way to live up, then become realityWe will focus to step one, how to do and how to manage.
1. Search all information that connected
2. Open up your five sense, open up your mind, open all. Watchout don’t open sensitif side (feeling, and...)
3. Put on your hardisk
4. Now the time to arrange
5. Check one by one, see one by one, think one by one
6. Put on right view
7. Ok, now the the time to made the output of brainstorming
Look complicated ? I bet no, just need effort.People brain made computer brainWe stronger than them, Just do it.PS: Don’t be addicted, this so awesome

Friday, 19 March 2010

Woman, as a woman, a good woman, try all were be good woman.
Any mistake U ever made?
Would U confess it ?
Sometimes I do confession to God, another to sister, another one to my boyfriend, to my it space up your mind, your heart? or can hurting someone?
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