Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dear God


Dear God............................How are U ?

This Letter is my adoration of You
Adoring all of Your creation
Adoring Your skill arrange this life
Adoring all of Your secrets
Adoring all of Your signs

This Letter is my word of fortunately
Fortune of family that grow me up
fortune of friends that accompany me
fortune of earth that I step up

This letter is yearning to You
Yearning to peacefull feeling that You always provide.
yearning to devote to You

This letter is my Thanks full To You,
Thanks was sent me sign when didn't know where to go,
Thanks was sent me various beautiful landscape that I can see,
Thanks was sent me friend when I'm lonely,
Thanks was sent exercise that make me more stronger,
Thanks was sent much toys to cheer me up,
From small-tiny-molecule which build material, from ability of thinking to the result.
Thanks God

This letter is my beg of apologize to You,
I'm sorry because I apathetic when I fall asleep
I'm Sorry because I asking your exist ency when I'm falling
I'm Sorry because loose my faith when storm coming.

This letter, Im begging to You
Please forgive me, please give me patiences, please give me peacefull,
please give me more time to knowing You

PS : There is not enough word to adore You, There is no enough expression to figure out my thanksfull to You, my passion to you, But I believe You knowing more then me.

Me, your slave, your big fans, your creation


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