Thursday, 15 January 2009

Every corner of my room


" Think about my future just dream in my room Try to solve my Problem Just crying in my room Smooking on the day, smooking in my room “
Lyric from Shaggy Dog

My room is just small space in this whole world, with many equipment to support my life, but have much influence for that all happen to me.

Every corner of my room give me many feeling to doing something or the opposite

When I am falling in love, I sing it, I dance it.

When I broken heart I crying it, I shout it.

There is no place can so open to accept me except every corner of my room.

After Hard day, I can put my head on pillow, try to analyze,try to forget all that kick me today.
After lovely day I must be try express to many many motion. Absolutely still in my room......

Talk to God, every corner of my room will sing a prayer of adoration, In High with paradise we enjoy together, even when no trust anyone, I can throw anything, I can curse so loud. Dance like free bird, they can be good audience.
Many dream create here, many action from here. many happiness celebrated here, many failure I crying here and all colaborate to make this life more exciting

Wake up in the morning, look at outthere from the window. Thanks for give me energy to go outhere, 'cause I know I'll be back and every corner of my room will always open from 12 PM - 12 PM everyday


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