Saturday, 17 January 2009

In College


Lecture : Seseorang yang mengajakmu untuk melompat lebih tinggi dari satu pokok pikiran melompat ke pokok pikiran lainnya. Some of have high standart, You run more to achieve their grade of thinking, You analyze more deep to understand what they mean.
Campus Activities : Discussion, reading, analyze, research, workshop, interview, report, design,
Book : A topic you diving more deep here, Library
Staff : They help you to organize your schedule time, some administration stuff, copy some subject and more a group that always have smile for You and push You to achieve target to be bachelor, I love them
Major : Sosial and politic faculty...go down...communication...More down...Public relation
Affiliate : Some of colouring with their joke, some of do task in group, Colouring fashion


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