Saturday, 17 January 2009

Trafiic Jam


I see surrounding and curious, what in people mind ?
on my right a begar with very beggaring_face ask a coin,
on my left a kid looks so happy with her new toy,
her father ride the motorcycle, that’s kid look doesnt care with traffic jam
as far as her new toy still in hand.
Front of me luxury car looks so brighting, many young man ride motorcycle, on way to campus.. create a dream, one of them looks so sad, maybe he not yet pay her kost-bill
Or her girl tell him that she’s pregnant ?
Some street musician or man-shaking-bottle try to entertain some crowded sound..
In my mind, I am happy coz I am not alone
The last I am so surprise coz all of us sticking on a part of earth and behind the clouds……
God look spying us with smile : )


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